Energy Management Platform

Sanalife E360

A Platform That Measures and Automates Energy Usage/ Building Operations / Indoor Air Quality

  • Reduce electricity bills by 10 to 30%
  • Dramatically reduce demand charges
  • Dramatically reduces energy usage & costs
  • Identify inefficiencies, lower operational costs and improve performance
  • Measure and manage idoor air quality
  • Capture all sustainability measures

Optimize Energy Savings With Machine Learning

Find Correlations in Building Load Increases

Benchmark with Data-Driven Intellegence

Measure and Verify Your Energy Cost Savings

Identfy Avoidable System Runtime and Usage

Audit Effectivness of Energy Management Programs

Compare Billing and UsageData Against Major Variables





Building Automation, Scheduling and Controls

HVAC, Heating Cooling and Smart Therostats

Intergrated BMS, BAS Systems, and API Connections

Lighting Controllers, Smart Switches, and More

Synchronize Building Controls and Systemes With Operations

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

Monitor All Factors Impacting Your Indoor Air Quality

See Indoor Air Quality Statistics For Every Space

Inprove Building Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Lower Energy Usage and Manage Demand Control Ventilization

Access Historical Data and Trends


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