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Powerful Help to Achieve Your Energy Sustainability Goals with No Upfront Costs

SBSI Energy Solutions is an energy consulting firm that provides a systematic process for the reduction of energy usage and energy costs. It is our mission to assist you by providing the tools, financing, energy intelligence and expertise to implement proven solutions and customize those solutions to your specific vision for Energy Sustainability.


If you are seeking any of the following, we can help

  • Lower Demand Charges
  • Reduction in energy usage and / or energy costs
  • Lowest pricing for natural gas & electricity
  • Recapture of any over-payments to utilities
  • Zero capital investment on energy savings projects
  • All federal, State and utility incentives on energy savings projects
  • Real-time data on energy usage, water, waste water & carbon footprint
  • More precision in real-time energy decisions
  • Real-time implementation of Demand Response programs
  • Verified accuracy on utility invoicing

Energy Savings as a Service (ESaaS)

Far too often organizations are forced to delay, or never implement energy savings projects because they don’t have the budget. ESaaS is a way to, provide the funding to undertake these energy savings projects. 

  • We custom engineer a design of optimal energy efficiency solutions.
  • We purchase and install quality energy saving equipment while giving you a share of the savings.
  • We guarantee performance and resolve issues at no cost to you for the entire term (typically 3-10 years).
  • At the end of the term, you keep the equipment and 100% of the savings. You will have paid us out of a percentage of the savings you have made during the term.

Please review our services below.

Energy Savings as a Service

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