envnewAt SBSI Energy Solutions our mission is to “help our clients Free themselves from dependance on the utility”. We know this is a lofty goal, however there are reported circumstances where this has happened. In most circumstances this has happened in “special” circumstances. Our goal is to provide solutions in which small, mid-sized businesses, municipalities, schools districts and home owners can achieve this independence.

We partner with the best procurement firms, solar providers, LED providers, mCHP providers and small scale wind turbine organizations in the country. It is our vision to provide the proper combination of technologies to achieve our mission. Freedom from the utility is the symbolic goal. The real goal is to protect the environment, avoid putting our families, employees, tenants, patients, students or businesses in danger (during blackouts) and freedom form growing energy costs. This is the first installment of this blog. I wanted to discuss the intent of our business. We are located in the Mid Jersey area, as such this is where we will focus initially.

Future posts will discuss the changing, and dynamic energy markets, projects that are moving towards achieving our vision and new partnerships and clients.

Thank you for reading this blog!