COVID-19 Clean Indoor Air

Safely Reopen Your Operation

Safely Reopen

Schools, Universities, Restaurants Businesses and other institutions are looking to reopen.
All of the current reopenings implement social distancing,advanced cleaning face coverings and limitations on the number of people they can reopen with. All of the restrictions are essential, however without  clean indoor air, all of the masks, distancing and enhanced cleaning may be less than effective. Today’s HVAC systems do not filter indoor air
as well as it needs to. Smaller droplets and partials can’t be filtered and in most circumstances recirculated into the main areas.
One of the technologies that has been safely used that eliminates recirculation of the smaller droplets is bipolar ionization. Bipolar Ionization has now been used in hospitals, airports, some colleges and other institutions for years. We know that it’s not harmful to humans.
But is it effecting against COVID-19? Laboratory tests say yes. But will it work in real life situations?
According to a recent study by the Spanish government when facing COVID-19 bipolar Ionization removed 99% of COVID-19 from the air and 80% of the COVID-19 droplets from surfaces.
Bipolar Ionizatipon seeks out and neutralizes the COVID-19 Virus!  Click here for the full report!


Commercial Institutional Solutions

With Onsite Utility Services Capital’s industry-leading Clean Air as a Service program, commercial buildings, facilties, properties and institutions of all sizes can finally have the air purification  solution they need – installed and maintained – without any up-front investment, debt or risk.

No matter what size building or facility you operate, Clean Air as a Service is the easiest, most sensible and effective way to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for your building’s occupants.

This is how smart clean indoor air gets done.

Home & Small Business Solutions

Our Home and small business solutions include stand alone units to clean and ionize individual rooms.

We also offer whole house unites that intergrate with existing HVAC systems.


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