Even if your organization hasn’t added solar or wind to your energy strategy and no matter where you currently are and what you plan to do next a smart play is to employ an Artificial Intelligence (AI) energy management platform with energy storage.

An AI energy management platform will help you reduce both energy costs and energy usage. These platforms can reduce demand costs by reducing energy peaks. Even an energy peak that lasts for only 15 minutes will result in your utility charging you demand charges as though you used electricity at that peak for the entire month. By reducing these peaks, you can reduce your energy costs dramatically.

The platform will also seek out and reduce energy waste. According to the DOE, upwards of 30% of commercial energy use is wasted. The platform can reduce or shut off lighting when no one is in the area. It can shut down systems that aren’t being used, thereby reducing consumption.

What about storage?

Battery storage greatly improves your options. Battery storage allows you to control when to store energy and gives you options as to when you use stored energy. This allows you to store energy when the rates are lowest and to use it at high demand times when energy is most expensive. It also gives you added control in reducing energy peaks. If you also happen to have a solar or wind installation, you can store that renewable energy for use at the most advantageous times. An AI platform will precisely manage all sources for the most efficient and cost-effective results and remove a great deal of energy waste, thereby reducing consumption.

Our AI energy management platform, Locbit, routinely reduces energy costs by 10 to 40%. If you are operating in an area where demand charges are high, our platform can generate savings closer to the top end of the range.

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