Many responsible organizations have developed sustainability goals. Reducing the use of fossil fuels is a key goal in preserving our environment. Clearly, for most businesses a win win exists, reducing the use of fossil fuels and reducing energy costs. The following strategies achieve a reduction in fossil fuel use and reduction in energy costs.    

  1. Buy it for Less

SBSI represents 74 natural gas and electricity providers. We can find the lowest prices with the best terms. You can also utilize a reverse online auction where providers bid for your account. Our team does all the paperwork. As part of this service we can purchase energy generated from renewable sources.

  1. Reduce Demand Charges

Your utility charges you for the entire period (month) as though you used electricity at the highest peak level. Our energy management platform seeks out and reduces peak usage in real-time. We can reduce demand charges by as much as 50% which can reduce your overall bill by 20% or more.

  1. Increase Energy Efficiency

Converting to LED lighting, more efficient HVAC systems and energy star equipment increases energy efficiency. Our AI energy management platform connects to all lighting and equipment making their operation more energy efficient.

  1. Eliminate Waste

Institute energy conservation within your location. Encourage staff to turn off equipment and lights when not in use. Utilize smart thermostats, Motion detectors for lighting. Our Energy management platform will automatically manage equipment by turning it off and / or reducing energy use where possible.

  1. Demand Response Programs

Participate in Demand Response Programs. Our AI energy management platform connects directly to all utilities and automatically implements DR directions in real-time.

  1. Renewable Energy / Energy Storage

Solar, wind and geothermal projects can dramatically reduce energy usage from the utilities. When combined with energy storage, huge savings can take place. Our AI energy management platform in real-time optimizes the usage between your renewable energy, storage and the utility ensuring that any energy purchased from the utility is at the lowest available cost. Renewable energy qualifies for rebates and can be financed with little or no capital investment, paid back through energy savings. Excess energy can be sold back to the utility.

  1. Locbit Energy Management Platform

Throughout this post we have mentioned our energy management platform. The platform utilizes Artificial Intelligence and I o T technologies. When connected to multiple energy sources it manages these sources for the greatest cost effectiveness. When connected to HVAC, Lighting and other equipment that uses energy in real-time it seeks out ways of reducing demand charges, and energy consumption. The platform also in real-time manages demand response programs. The platform itself can reduce electricity costs by 30% or more.

Incentives and Financing

We provide our clients all available incentives offered by the federal and State governments, regional grid management firms and local utilities.

We provide financing that requires zero up-front capital funding. Installations costs are paid out of energy savings, resulting in immediate cash flow increases.

Some of these tools are recommended for every business. Others make sense depending on size, industry and location. Before moving forward, we provide a free analysis of how implementation will impact your energy costs. We guarantee specific energy savings!

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